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Our Spring 2013 Lodge Letter is now available!

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Chi Psi Fraternity, founded nationally in 1841, is one of the oldest and most distinguished social fraternities in America. Here at Duke University, we pride ourselves on being a unique and diverse group of gentlemen who take their academic, social, and fraternal commitments very seriously, while managing to not take ourselves too seriously.

Though a relatively young fraternity here on the Duke campus, we have been consistently recognized for our outstanding academic and overall achievement by both Duke and our National Fraternity. As a brotherhood, we actively participate in many different social, philanthropic, educational, athletic, and community service programs here on campus and in the surrounding community. Individually, our Brothers are also involved in a wide range of campus activities (student government, club sports, and marching band, just to name a few) and have academic interests that span the entire intellectual spectrum of courses offered by Duke.

The most powerful and important characteristic of Chi Psi here at Duke, however, cannot be found amongst our numerous individual and collective achievements, or in our strong reputation on campus, but in the closeness of our Brotherhood and in the intensity of the bond we all share. A Chi Psi is always there, for another brother or for another member of the community. In short, Chi Psi is the closest thing to a family to be found at Duke.

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